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Balcony and monument scenes Essay Example for Free

Overhang and landmark scenes Essay Expound on the viability of Shakespeares symbolism in The Banquet, Balcony and Monument Scenes of Romeo and Juliet That which we call a rose by some other word would smell as sweet. Shakespeare utilizes symbolism and similitudes all through Romeo and Juliet to incredible impact. By utilizing language, rather than props or sceneries to create a clear picture, he is drawing in the crowd more and making them have an independent mind. This emotional method is utilized to the best impact in the Banquet, Balcony and Monument scenes, when depicting Romeo and Juliets love. The Banquet scene is the first run through Romeo sees Juliet, so the language utilized needs to have a major effect in order to pass on to the Elizabethan crowd this is genuine romance, interestingly with Romeos fascination with Rosaline. O she doth show the lights to consume splendid. Shakespeare utilizes similar sounding word usage on show the lights and consume brilliant to make Romeos words sound progressively lovely and beautiful, in a perfect world like a poem. The words are coincidently especially like one of Shakespeares poems, Sonnet 21, where he stands out light from dull. Shakespeare utilizes this equivalent correlation all through the play to pass on feelings, hint catastrophe and express the phases of the youthful love to the crowd. As it were, Romeo and Juliets commitment resembles light against the dim foundation of quarreling families. By asserting that Juliet is more splendid than some other light, Romeo is legitimately contrasting her with different young ladies, specifically Rosaline. At the point when Romeo talks about Rosaline, he utilizes the language of Elizabethan cultured love. Every one of his emotions are very contained in contrast with the wonderful symbolism he utilizes after observing Juliet just because. He says about Rosaline Shes reasonable I love, which in Shakespeares time was the kind of language one would utilize while portraying their affection. Nonetheless, Romeo portrays Juliets excellence as unreasonably rich for use and later cases that he neer saw genuine magnificence till this night. The crowd knows straight away this is genuine romance. However, the crowd is additionally mindful of the way that this affection is damned, and there is some incongruity in various Romeos lines. Excellence unreasonably rich for use, for earth excessively dear. This proposes Juliet is out of Romeos reach, which, being a Capulet, she is. He is additionally contrasting her with a blessed messenger or superb animal, which he does all through the play. This is Shakespeares method of demonstrating that in spite of the fact that these are youthful darlings, they are otherworldly as well. The possibility that she has a place with paradise since she is unreasonably useful for earth develops a sentiment of anxiety and bitterness in the crowd, as they probably am aware she is going to pass on and in this way won't have a place with the Earth any longer. This otherworldly symbolism is utilized when the darlings trade their first words. Romeo attempts to lure Juliet by alluding to her as his blessed hallowed place and to his lips as two becoming flushed pioneers. This demonstrates Romeo to be an increasingly delicate and beautiful character, which makes the crowd, and Juliet, begin to look all starry eyed at him. By alluding to her as his sacred place of worship he is indicating the crowd that he worships her, and considers himself to be modest contrasted with her excellence. This discourse between them is spread out in poem structure. Pieces are commonly about adoration, which stresses to the crowd that Romeo and Juliet are enamored. It additionally adds to Romeos graceful picture. After strolling home later that night, Romeo chooses he needs to see Juliet once more. He discovers his way into her nursery and stands by the gallery. Romeo sees Juliet at her window. He misrepresents the pale glimmer of the candlelight to depict it as the East. However, delicate, what light through there window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun. Shakespeare is utilizing Romeos exchange to light the stage. He places an unmistakable picture into the crowds minds. Again Romeo is contrasting Juliet with light; this time the sun, the most splendid light of all. This is his lovely method of pronouncing that she is the most splendid and generally wonderful of young ladies. It additionally implies how significant she is to him, as the sun is basic to regular day to day existence. The light from Juliets window is said to get through. This could infer a forward leap in Romeos love life; he has discovered his perfect partner. In the Balcony scene Shakespeare utilizes language about the moon to help make a scene in the crowd individuals mind. This implies they are increasingly engaged with the play, and can envision themselves there in the evening glow. Emerge reasonable sun and slaughter the jealous moon, Who is now debilitated and pale with distress That thou her house keeper craftsmanship undeniably more reasonable than she. It is fascinating that Romeo analyzes Juliets excellence to the moon here, as he has quite recently portrayed her as his sun. In folklore, Diana, the Goddess of the moon, is served by virgin house cleaners. Being a virgin, Juliet is portrayed as one of these house cleaners, yet Romeo accepts that Diana is desirous of Juliets magnificence. He requests that her quit serving the moon, and in this manner quit being a virgin and become his sweetheart. This shows Romeo is energetic in a sexual manner about Juliet, which would be very energizing to an Elizabethan crowd part, as sex was not as generally discussed as it is currently. The way that the moon is wiped out and pale with distress could be hinting future misery for the couple. By requesting that the sun emerge, Romeo is wishing the day to come, accordingly reminding the crowd that it is night. At the point when Romeo chooses to uncover himself to Juliet she, feeling humiliated and stunned, asks him what his identity is. Obviously he has as of late found she is the little girl of his familys foe, and feels his name is harmful to her. By a name I know not how to tell thee who I am. My name, dear holy person, is disdainful to myself,Because it is an adversary to thee. Romeo and Juliet firmly have faith in their names being a now undesirable loyalty to their family. Regardless of the way that their names are simply words, both of the star crossed sweethearts feel they are chains, locking them to their families, and getting them far from one another. Again he alludes to Juliet as a holy person. This would appear to be high acclaim to a group of people of exceptionally strict Elizabethans. In Shakespearean occasions, investigating was exceptionally well known and a great deal of new terrains were being found. Since movement was not as simple then as it is presently, and the information on the world was not as cutting edge, investigating new terrains was energizing and speaking to the Elizabethans, which was the reason it was a well known topic and why Shakespeare utilized it all through the play. I am no pilot, yet wert thou as far, As that huge shore washed with the farthest ocean, I should experience for such product. The word experience is utilized here on the grounds that in the Elizabethan occasions, worldwide dealers were known as Merchant swashbucklers. It additionally proposes that Romeo discovers his and Juliets love extremely energizing, as experience is normally connected with new and energizing things. Shakespeares utilization of symbolism to pass on Romeos love as a recently discovered land assists with setting an image in the crowds brains of a far away tropical shore. In Shakespeares time there would not have been a ton of sceneries and pads setting the stage, so it would be dependent upon the crowd to envision their own landscape, and up to the dramatist to utilize the right language to invigorate these contemplations. Romeo depicts himself being avoided the eyes of Juliets gatekeepers and family. I have evenings shroud to conceal me from their eyes. Again Shakespeare is utilizing light and dull to set a scene for the crowd. His on-screen characters would not have had the electrical lighting entertainers have now, so he would need to make states of mind and light by utilizing words. Romeo is telling the crowd it is dim, so it is simpler to envision. This complexity is utilized a ton in the landmark scene as well. At the point when Romeo hears that Juliet is dead he goes to the burial chamber where she is supposed to be. Subsequent to killing Paris he takes a gander at Juliet once and for all. He portrays the days they spent all together before death, since it was put stock in those days that before someone passed on, they would appear to be well overall and upbeat incidentally. This is the complexity among light and dim once more, which adds disposition to the scene; the crowd realizes Romeo is profoundly disheartened by the abrupt demise of Juliet and, along these lines, so are they. The word lightning makes you consider lightning in a snappy blaze. Their sentiment was unexpected and over rapidly, yet edifying no different. Romeo makes reference to Juliets excellence notwithstanding her demise as well, particularly focusing all the rage and cheeks. Beautys ensign yet Is ruby in thy lips and in thy cheeks Romeo discusses Juliets magnificence a great deal all through the play. In the overhang scene he says The brilliance of her cheek would disgrace those stars and afterward broadcasts O that I were a cheek upon that hand. It is fascinating how Romeo talks of Juliets cheeks to such an extent. Maybe Shakespeare is attempting to connect the two scenes together to show that Romeos love for Juliet was available from the earliest starting point as far as possible of their relationship. He despite everything felt the equivalent for her when she was dead as he did when their adoration was sprouting. I will bring her sculpture up in unadulterated gold Montague says this of Juliet in the last scene. Gold was an over the top expensive and valued material to the Elizabethan crowd thus demonstrates that Montague has good intentions. It is somewhat unexpected that he is contrasting her with a sculpture, in light of the fact that in the main scene Romeo and Juliet meet, the dinner scene, he depicts her as a blessed place of worship. It is a pitiful second as the crowd are reminded how upbeat the sweethearts used to be. The crowd truly profits by Shakespeares symbolism as it breathes life into the play. It makes the words unmistakably progressively wonderful and the characters simpler to identify with. Romeo appears to be progressively idyllic and simpler to begin to look all starry eyed at. Juliet seems, by all accounts, to be savvy and cherishing. Without the symbolism the crowd would not feel as engaged with the plot, and would consequently not identify with the characters. The symbolism uplifts the feelings of the crowd and affirms Romeo and Juliet as one a Shakespeares most prominent catastrophes.

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Biography of Sonia Delaunay, Modernist Designer

Life story of Sonia Delaunay, Modernist Designer Sonia Delaunay (conceived Sophia Stern; November 14, 1885 †December 5, 1979) was one of the pioneers of conceptual craftsmanship when the new century rolled over. She is most popular for her investment in the craftsmanship development of Simultaneity (otherwise called Orphism), which put lively differentiating hues nearby each other so as to animate the sentiment of development in the eye. She was additionally an exceptionally fruitful material and apparel planner, getting by off of the brilliant dress and texture structures she delivered in her Paris studio. Early Life Sonia Delaunay was conceived Sophia Stern in 1885 in Ukraine. (In spite of the fact that she lived there just quickly, Delaunay would refer to the splendid nightfalls of Ukraine as the motivation behind her brilliant materials.) By the age of five she had moved to Saint Petersburg to live with her well off uncle. She was in the end received by their family and became Sonia Terk. (Delaunay is some of the time alluded to as Sonia Delaunay-Terk.) In St. Petersburg, Delaunay carried on with the life of a refined noble, learning German, English, and French and voyaging frequently. Delaunay moved to Germany to go to workmanship school, and afterward in the end went on to Paris, where she took a crack at lAcadà ©mie de la Palette. While in Paris, her gallerist Wilhelm Uhde consented to wed her act of kindness some help, with the goal that she could abstain from moving back to Russia. In spite of the fact that a marriage of accommodation, her relationship with Uhde would demonstrate instrumental. Delaunay displayed her craft just because at his exhibition and through him met numerous significant figures in the Parisian workmanship scene, including Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and her future spouse, Robert Delaunay. Sonia and Robert wedded in 1910, after Sonia and Uhde agreeably separated. Interest with Color In 1911, Sonia and Robert Delaunays child was conceived. As an infant cover, Sonia sewed an intricate interwoven pattern of splendid hues, suggestive of the brilliant shades of folkloric Ukrainian materials. This blanket is an early case of the Delaunays’ promise to Simultaneity, a method of joining differentiating hues to drum up some excitement of development in the eye. Both Sonia and Robert utilized it in their canvas to bring out the quick pace of the new world, and it got instrumental to the intrigue of Sonia’s home goods and designs which she would later transform into a business. Two times per week, in Paris, the Delaunays went to the Bal Bullier, an in vogue dance club and assembly hall. In spite of the fact that she would not move, Sonia was motivated by the development and activity of moving figures. When the new century rolled over, the world was quickly industrializing, and specialists saw non-literal portrayal as deficient in depicting the progressions they were watching. For Robert and Sonia Delaunay, immersion of shading was the best approach to delineate the electric vibrations of innovation and the most ideal approach to depict the subjectivity of oneself. <img information srcset= 300w, 385w, - CE52jkUXSC-geqd5NnBcWVWvFw=/470x0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/flamenco-dancer.jpgLarge-5b7c4ea846e0fb002c4b5b73.jpg 470w, 640w information src= src=//:0 alt=Sonia Delauanay, Flamenco Dancer. 1916. Oil on canvas. Private assortment. class=lazyload information click-tracked=true information img-lightbox=true information expand=300 id=mntl-sc-square image_1-0-14 information following container=true /> Sonia Delauanay, Flamenco Dancer. 1916. Oil on canvas. Private assortment. WikiArt/Public Domain Advances in the study of shading hypothesis had demonstrated that discernment was conflicting among singular perceivers. The subjectivity of shading, also the acknowledgment that vision was a condition of never-ending motion, was an impression of the shaky universe of political and social change in which the main thing man could confirm was his individual experience. As a declaration of her abstract self, just as because of her interest with comparing shading, Sonia made the principal synchronous dresses, much like the brilliant interwoven sews she made for her child, which she wore to the Bal Bullier. Before long she was making comparative things of dress for her better half and the different writers and specialists near the couple, including a vest for artist Louis Aragon. Spain and Portugal At the episode of World War I, Sonia and Robert were traveling in Spain. They chose not to come back to Paris, yet rather to oust themselves to the Iberian Peninsula. They effectively subsided into expat life, utilizing the confinement to concentrate on their work. After the Russian Revolution in 1917, Sonia lost the pay that she had been getting from her auntie and uncle in St. Petersburg. Left with little methods while living in Madrid, Sonia had to establish a workshop which she named Casa Sonia (and later renamed to Boutique Simultanã ©e upon come back to Paris). From Casa Sonia, she delivered her inexorably mainstream materials, dresses, and home merchandise. Through her associations with individual Russian Sergei Diaghilev, she structured eye popping insides for the Spanish nobility. Delaunay got well known at a second in which style was altogether changing for youthful European ladies. The First World War requested that ladies enter the workforce, and accordingly, their clothing needed to change to oblige their new errands. After the war was finished, it was hard to persuade these ladies to come back to the more prohibitive dress of the 1900s and 1910s. Figures like Delaunay (and, maybe most broadly, her contemporary Coco Chanel) intended for the New Woman, who was progressively inspired by opportunity of development and articulation. Along these lines, Delaunay’s plans, which concentrated on development of the eye over their designed surfaces, additionally energized development of the body in their free fits and surging scarves, demonstrating two-overlap that Delaunay was a hero of this drastically new and energizing way of life. (Also that she was the essential provider for her family, making Sonia a model for New Womanhood.) <img information srcset= 300w, 758w, 1216w, 2135w information src= src=//:0 alt=Photo of Sonia Delaunay's beachwear class=lazyload information click-tracked=true information img-lightbox=true information expand=300 id=mntl-sc-square image_1-0-24 information following container=true /> A case of Delaunays beachwear. Luigi Diaz/Hulton Archives/Getty Images Joint efforts Delaunay’s extravagance and enthusiasm for media joint effort, just as her imaginative and social fellowships with creative Parisian notables, were productive justification for coordinated efforts. In 1913, Delaunay showed the sonnet Prose du transsibã ©rien, composed by the couple’s old buddy, Surrealist artist Blaise Cendrars. This work, presently in the assortment of Britain’s Tate Modern, overcomes any issues among verse and the visual expressions and utilizations Delaunay’s comprehension of undulating structure to delineate the activity of the sonnet. Her collective nature additionally drove her to her plan outfits for some stage creations, from Tristan Tzara’s play the Gas Heart to Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. Delaunay’s yield was characterized by the combination of imagination and creation, where no component of her life was consigned to a solitary classification. Her structures decorated the surfaces of her living space, covering the divider and furniture as backdrop and upholstery. Indeed, even the entryways in her condo were beautified with sonnets scribbled by her numerous artist companions. <img information srcset= 300w, 1336w, 2372w, 4444w information src=

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Information on Writing an Essay on Registerd Nurse in North Carolina

<h1>Information on Writing an Essay on Registerd Nurse in North Carolina</h1><p>With all the preparation and instruction you've gotten as a Registered Nurse, it tends to be somewhat overpowering to plunk down and compose a paper on enrolled nurture in North Carolina. In this article, we'll talk about certain tips for composing the essay.</p><p></p><p>When getting ready to compose a paper on enlisted nurture in North Carolina, you ought to have a topic thoughts. Consider whether you will examine the energizing vocation of functioning as a Registered Nurse in North Carolina. For instance, are you going to cover work, travel, and house calls?</p><p></p><p>The data you are going to present ought to incorporate the upsides of the position. Who or what are the advantages of turning into a Registered Nurse?</p><p></p><p>Make sure you incorporate a significant certainty. To start with, disclose why you decided to turn into a medical attendant. Also, you ought to consider how much fun you need to have while doing your job.</p><p></p><p>Your paper ought to consistently be engaging. You should tell about your aptitudes and capacities so perusers can get a feeling of what you are able of.</p><p></p><p>How long would you like to work at nursing-care offices? It is safe to say that you are thinking about leaving in a year or less? All things considered, consider expounding on the pressure that you feel working comfortable or while traveling.</p><p></p><p>Ask yourself if there are any burdens to working in emergency clinics or centers as a Registered Nurse. Attempt to include a little diversion in your article in the event that it is possible.</p><p></p><p>In end, when you're getting ready to compose an exposition on enlisted nurture in North Carolina, make sure to consider the subject you're going to utilize. Likewise, consider how you need to share some data about yourself.</p>

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Great University of Michigan Essay Samples

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Can You Use They in a Research Paper?

<h1>Can You Use They in a Research Paper?</h1><p>With the expanding interest for information, particularly for the investigation of medication, many would you be able to utilize them in an examination paper. There are a few applications that could be applied to tackle the issue. One regular use is to apply them to present a theoretical thought. It is likewise used to show more detail on what the scientist needed to explain.</p><p></p><p>They are additionally used to demonstrate how they can be utilized. This is significant in light of the fact that when individuals have information they may likewise have the option to get further thoughts from it. They are additionally used to recommend where one can discover further assets on the subject. They can likewise be utilized to demonstrate when one should take the exploration paper to an alternate level. That is, on the off chance that it appears that the data gave doesn't give a total picture.< /p><p></p><p>Many would you be able to utilize them in an examination paper are additionally used to sort out different passages that should be comprehended. For instance, the primary passage may show the speculation, the subsequent section may clarify the strategy, and the last section may clarify the outcomes. This will empower the peruser to get a similar impression in the whole article. In this manner making it simpler for them to comprehend what the whole article means.</p><p></p><p>Another use of them in an examination paper is for altering. On the off chance that there are a few sentences that are left clear, the proofreader can fill them with theys and clamors. It is a lot simpler to get the correct sentence as this is a decent method to get them into the article. The they, that is trailed by the them in an exploration paper is known as a source of perspective point. The references ought to be noted so they don't mistake the perus er for various ideas.</p><p></p><p>The they in an exploration paper is likewise used to help strengthen the significance of ideas. They are utilized to stress the associations between the substance and the idea to make the idea simpler to recollect. This makes the peruser need to become familiar with the concept.</p><p></p><p>This is significant in light of the fact that a word that is rehashed a couple of times can lose all sense of direction in the progression of a numerous they in an exploration paper. It is important to stand out enough to be noticed each time the they are utilized. Hence even the thes is rehashed enough so it very well may be effectively noticed.</p><p></p><p>This is significant when structuring an exploration paper in light of the fact that the would you be able to utilize them in an examination paper is one approach to characterize an importance for the term. In this manner, the would you be able to utilize they is additionally used to build up the meaning of the term. The would you be able to utilize, they is additionally used to give an equivalent to the term.</p><p></p><p>As you can see, they in an examination paper isn't simply utilized for logical purposes yet additionally for introducing data and clarifications. It is simply an issue of applying them to the examination paper.</p>

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Introducing the Class of 2013 Scott 13, Cory 13, Edner 13, Jeremy 13, and Bee 13

Introducing the Class of 2013 Scott 13, Cory 13, Edner 13, Jeremy 13, and Bee 13 With Orientation set to begin for the new MIT freshmen this weekend, we are nearing the end of our series Introducing the Class of 2013. An important note for today: All of MITs financial aid is based on financial need; there are no merit scholarships. Reporters are often confused about this. Without further ado, here they are, as written about by members of their local media: Scott 13, Cory 13, Edner 13, Jeremy 13, and Bee 13. Scott 13 Cory 13 Edner 13 Jeremy 13 Bee 13 Henrique 13 Chika 13 Qinxuan 13 Trevor 13 Chandler 13 and Taylor 13 Jonte 13 Sean 13 Terence 13 Christy 13 Project STEEM alumni accepted to MIT this fall By Mary Lou Hazal, AM-Commerce News Jun 29, 2009 ACCEPTED TO MIT Cory Ward, left, 2009 valedictorian of Yantis High School, and Scott Landers, 2009 valedictorian of Chisum High School and Paris Junior College graduate, have been accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall. This summer they are mentors in Project STEEM, a program at Texas AM University-Commerce for middle school students, high school students, and teachers that focuses on math, science, technology, and engineering. Ward and Landers attended Project STEEM as high school students in 2007. (AM-Commerce photo/Jared Horn) COMMERCE, Texas Cory Ward of Yantis and Scott Landers of Cooper, Project STEEM mentors at Texas AM University-Commerce, are headed to Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall. Ward, 2009 valedictorian of Yantis High School in Wood County, and Landers, 2009 valedictorian of Chisum High School in Lamar County near Paris, have been awarded the scholarships* needed to attend this elite Northeastern university. Ward and Landers, who attended the 2007 Project STEEM camp on math, science, technology, and engineering to Northeast Texas rural middle school and high school students and teachers, became friends and will be roommates at MIT. In addition to helping with the Infinity camp in June, which is for high achieving high school students from rural schools, the two are enrolled in an independent studies math class at AM-Commerce taught by department head Rick Kreminski. Ward and Landers have both taken college courses as high school students. Landers is now a graduate of Paris Junior College. Both students said they learned a great deal attending the Project STEEM camp. It was really neat. It showed us stuff we hadnt seen and wont see until college, Landers commented. Funded in 2007 by a $1.5 million grant from the Greater Texas Foundation, Project STEEM is geared to exposing students in rural Northeast Texas to technical fields and encouraging them to attend college. We are very proud of Cory Ward and Scott Landers for being accepted to MIT, said Project STEEM director Kerri OConnor. A graduate of MIT, Kreminski is also proud of Cory and Scott. They are both good-natured, friendly, helpful, smart, talented, mature, highly motivated and very focused individuals with a great deal of determination and a good sense of humor, he said. I was very happy to write letters of recommendation for them for MIT, and I know that they will do well. They both seem to have a genuine hunger for math and science that runs a little deeper than in many of the other kids that I have interviewed for MIT, and I wish them the best of luck and hope that they stay in touch, Kreminski continued. New to the US, he blazed a pathMIT-bound math whiz is latest triumph for OBryant By James Vaznis Globe Staff / June 7, 2009 Edner Paul, a Haitian immigrant and John D. OBryant School of Mathematics and Science student, has a full scholarship* to MIT. Edner Paul, a Haitian immigrant and John D. OBryant School of Mathematics and Science student, has a full scholarship to MIT. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff) He arrived in Boston barely able to speak or write in English, but Edner Paul did not allow that to stand in his way. In his four short years in the United States, this 16-year-old whiz kid from Haiti accomplished one feat after another. He mastered the English language within months and soon after passed a rigorous admission exam to the John D. OBryant School of Mathematics and Science. On Friday, he will graduate as valedictorian with a full scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His success is as much a story about new immigrants as it is a tale about the re-emergence of the OBryant. Pauls admission to MIT follows that of two OBryant graduates last year. They are the first crop of students from that school to attend MIT in recent memory, said MIT and Boston school officials. While OBryant is one of three public exam schools in Boston, it often has existed in the shadows of the better known and tradition-steeped Boston Latin School and Boston Latin Academy. Some consider Boston Latin School the most highly-coveted exam school by students, founded almost 400 years ago the Harvard of Boston schools. About two dozen Boston Latin School graduates each year head to Harvard. It would be fun if OBryant became the MIT of the Boston schools, said Ed Moriarty, an instructor at MITs Edgerton Center who has worked with the OBryant since 2003. Edner will become part of the inspiration, he said, for other OBryant students to pursue MIT. Paul said he did not even know MIT existed when he arrived here four years ago. In ninth grade, I only heard about Harvard because we took a field trip there, said Paul, who spent his freshman year at Madison Park High School, where a little more than half the students earn diplomas within four years. While growing up in St. Marc, a port city in Haiti, Paul decided as a fourth-grader to devote himself to school. At that time, he didnt crack the top 20 percent of his class. It bothered him when teachers rewarded the top students with prizes, feeling he was letting his mother down. She never graduated from high school and wanted better for her children. So Paul hit the books. He hasnt stopped studying since. When Paul arrived here in March 2005 as an eighth-grader, Boston school officials didnt know what to expect. They placed him in a special program that teaches new immigrants how to speak English. In his spare time, he would listen to cassette tapes on pronunciations. A teacher at Madison Park High discovered his gift for math and science in the fall of ninth grade. He had been placed in an algebra class but could handle precalculus. Paul soon began studying for the OBryant admission exam. Entering OBryant at the start of his 10th-grade year marked a major turning point for Pauls education. He arrived as the school was ramping up the academic rigor, including the cementing of stronger relationships with MIT and other institutions such as the Wentworth Institute of Technology and the Longwood Medical and Academic Area. At the school, which is located on Malcolm X Boulevard in Roxbury near Madison Park High, Paul has impressed teachers, not just in math and science, but in English, too. Hes kind of like a renaissance man, said Crystal Coy-Gonfa, his English teacher, who taught Paul this year in her Advanced Placement literature and composition course and was surprised to find out he was also a poet. Someone pointed him out as a brilliant scientist, but I didnt know he had this other side to him. He definitely has a flair for figurative language and the presentation of the spoken word, she added. He has sort of a romantic style. When Paul needs a break from school work, he recharges his batteries writing poetry. (He also plays soccer.) Most of them are love poems, Paul explained to a visitor at his Hyde Park home last week while showing a poem titled My Angel. People think its about a lady, he said. Its really about nature. Pauls creative side fits nicely with the revamping of OBryants math and science programs, which emphasizes learning by doing projects and solving problems, school staff said. For instance, in an Advanced Placement physics class this year, Paul converted a computer document scanner into a camera. Outside the OBryant, Paul took advantage of other educational programs, such as spending a summer two years ago at Georgetown University and last summer at MIT. He also participated in a special program at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Hes hard-working, very conscientious, said Steve Fernandez, his AP physics teacher and an MIT graduate. Hes concerned about understanding the material not just getting the right answer, but understanding how to do it. MIT was Pauls first choice. His scholarship is valued at $50,000 a year. Paul, who applied and was accepted to three other colleges, tapped a competitive national nonprofit program, QuestBridge, which helps bright low-income students get into top-tier colleges. Paul credits some of his success to OBryant, hard work, and his mother. I cant give up, Paul said. I just have to keep working hard. His mother, taking a break from housework one morning last week, smiled proudly when asked about her sons journey to MIT. She then spoke in Creole to Paul, who then translated for her. Its a pleasure for her because not everyone gets an opportunity to go, Paul said. Joel Stembridge, OBryant headmaster, predicts more students will get into MIT in the coming years, especially as they advance through the schools new engineering program. He hopes it will help attract younger students in the district to OBryant. If you ask most students now, they probably didnt select the OBryant as their first choice or they didnt come here for the math and science programs, Stembridge said. The goal is that students will eventually choose us first because they are interested in math and science. We are not there yet but getting there. For now many are savoring the victory of students like Paul. Its good when we have a success story like Edners, Fernandez said. It shows we are doing something right. Gilman Graduate Earns Full Scholarship to M.I.T. By USBE Jun 8, 2009, 19:29 Jeremy Dalcin is setting quite an example for his siblings. The oldest of five children, Jeremy will graduate from Gilman School (an independent day school in Baltimore, MD) this month and head off to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) in Cambridge on a full academic scholarship, worth more than $52,000 a year*. M.I.T. was the computer-gurus top choice for college. He also applied to Princeton, Cornell, Haverford College, Carnegie Mellon, Brown, University of Maryland-Baltimore County and The Johns Hopkins University, among others. All would have been great schools, he says, but he held out hope for M.I.T. When the acceptance from UMBC came really early I was like, Thats a good sign,' says Jeremy, 18. Then when Cornell came, I said OK, Im probably going here. So when M.I.T.s letter came, that was groundbreaking. As an adolescent at his neighborhood public school, Pikesville Middle, Jeremy never imagined himself attending such a prestigious college. In fact, he never imagined himself going to Gilman. I never really thought about private schools because I knewGilman Graduate Earns Full Scholarship to M.I.T. how few scholarships they give out, he says. Without B.E.S.T.,[Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust] I would have not gone to a private school. At Gilman, Jeremy was able to to find what really challenged me and try my best to excel in it. I was given lots of opportunities to find my passion at Gilman. His passions, he discovered, are math and science and more specifically, computer science. Programming is extremely fun, Jeremy says. Creating your own software and testing that out against other creations is really fun. Jeremy leaves June 28th for a summer program at M.I.T, where he will begin early his journey into the high-tech world of programming. His mother, Rahel Mamo, will miss him not only because he was a good student and a friend to her, but also because Jeremy was always so helpful with his four siblings. Im just so proud of him. Hes such a nice kid, says Mamo. I just hope the others follow his example. The B.E.S.T. annual fund which raises money to help support Scholars, programs, member schools and the organizations operating expenses wraps up June 30th. If you are interested in supporting B.E.S.T., please click here or go to to donate online. No laughing matter East grad hard at work at MIT By Charles Menchaca Wausau Daily Herald August 18, 2009 CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Bee Vang decided to apply to Massachusetts Institute of Technology last year as a joke, saying he didnt expect to be offered admission. Advertisement He was wrong. Vang, 19, not only was accepted to MIT, he received enough scholarships to cover the $37,000 annual tuition*. The Wausau East High School graduate has spent most of his summer at the school in a pre-freshman program. Vang said his summer program is much more rigorous than he expected so much so that he has spent two to three hours on homework five nights a week since June 28. Despite the time commitment, Vang said he is ready to give it his all so he can pursue a career in robotics. Studying at one of the top schools in the country can only help, he said. Its an international name you can say (MIT) anywhere in the world and people know what you are talking about, Vang said. It will also bring more job opportunities. Vang had his sights set on Milwaukee School of Engineering before he learned more about MITs academic programs. Vangs two older brothers, Kong and Vai, attended college in Milwaukee. Vangs father, Nhia Vang, said he doesnt mind the physical distance between himself and his son as long as its in the name of education. Nhia Vang, 45, said he is proud of everything Bee has accomplished. Bee serves as a role model for his five younger siblings, his father said. Bee Vang plans to keep part of his life in Wisconsin alive. During his senior year at East he wrestled at 125 pounds and finished with a 26-8 record. He also competed during his freshman, sophomore and juniors years. He will wrestle competitively or with a campus wrestling club while in Massachusetts. Vangs involvement with athletics taught him discipline and focus, said Tom Rocheleau, a retired Wausau East math teacher. The thing that impressed me the most about him was that he really was kind of immune to the peer pressure, Rocheleau said. He set his goals and he was very strict with himself.

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